The Orioles requested that an independent arbitrator decide

MASN countered that it was not paying what is essentially a dividend because of uncertainty in the cable TV marketplace, and it did not disburse around $20 million owed to the Orioles, either. The Orioles requested that an independent arbitrator decide whether the commissioner could rule on the dispute because the league office has what the Orioles consider a fiduciary stake in the Nationals. The league gave the Nationals a $25 million loan in 2015, related to a larger legal battle over television rights fees..

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The only way to stop these data breaches is to not collect the data in the first place. Go after people for spying on users, and then we wont even have to deal with massive data breaches of PII because the data dosent exist. That just dosent get people elected though because no company is going to throw money at your campaign if you say that, and money is how you get elected, so politicians say stuff like « jail the ceo » to appear to be doing something about the problem but actually just sidestepping it to keep corporate sponsors.

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