If it makes you feel better, I used to be a volunteer diver

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Another newcomer that owes its life like many of us to the internet, Spotify is the music streaming choice of some 140 million users a month, who build and swap playlists from a library containing some 30 million songs (the Obama White House was famous for its playlists). Launched in late 2008, Spotify is free, if you don’t mind a few ads here and there. Or, if you want to ditch the ads, it’s $9.99 a month.

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Back to your situation. I used to live in the states for a couple of months and noticed that as well. People moved over way too early. If it makes you feel better, I used to be a volunteer diver for the Georgia Aquarium and, on the other side of the glass, the flash from cameras were barely noticeable. The glass is pretty thick close to original site 24 inches thick with several laminated layers of acrylic and the exhibit is naturally lit with very large windows. It’s pretty representative of a day time open water dive and the amount of light coming from above was significantly brighter than from the exhibit halls..

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